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If You Have Inquiries Duct Cleaning أتلانتا، GA the Metro Duct Cleaning FAQ Checklist Is a Valuable Resource.

Do Metro Duct Cleaning handle mold and mildew?

Absolutely! Our technicians at Metro Duct Cleaning are trained to detect and address mold and mildew in your ducts. If found, we add special anti-bacterial and anti-mold disinfectant to your ducts after a thorough cleaning process. This process not only removes any odors but also enhances air quality. We recommend a follow-up inspection six months after the treatment to ensure no new mold or mildew issues arise.

Do Metro Duct Cleaning replace the HVAC filter as part of your service?

Absolutely! During our service at  Metro Duct Cleaning, we will replace the filter for each unit being serviced. It’s essential to have the correct filter size that matches your HVAC unit, as sizes vary. If you’re unsure about your filter size, our technicians can guide you over the phone to determine the size you need.

How long will it take to clean the ductwork in my home?

The duration of duct cleaning varies based on factors such as the size of your HVAC system and the number of vents. Typically, duct cleaning can be completed in a few hours. Our process is designed to minimize disruptions to your daily routine, allowing you to enjoy cleaner and healthier air in no time.

How can I tell if the HVAC air duct cleaning was effective and done right by Metro Duct Cleaning?

The best way to determine the effectiveness of our HVAC air duct cleaning is through a visual inspection before and after the service. Our technicians capture sample pictures of the ducts, highlighting the difference between the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning conditions. Cleaned ducts should be free from dirt, mold, or debris, and your HVAC filter will be replaced with a new one.

Do Metro Duct Cleaning use anti-bacterial and anti-microbial materials to sanitize the ducts?

Absolutely! After duct cleaning, our technicians use environmentally-friendly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial spray, ensuring it reaches deep into the ducts. This spray not only sanitizes but also prevents mold and mildew buildup, addressing microbial contamination and odor control.

Does dryer vent cleaning prevent fires?

Yes, dryer vent cleaning prevents fires. Lint is highly flammable, and a buildup in dryer vents, combined with the heat generated during drying, can lead to fires. Regular cleaning removes this flammable debris, reducing the risk of fire.

Can I clean my dryer vent?

You can clean your dryer vents regularly to reduce the likelihood of major buildups. However, it’s recommended to have professionals handle the deep cleaning. Inexpensive cleaning kits can be challenging to use and may not reach all areas effectively. Professional dryer vent cleaning ensures a thorough and safe process, saving you time and effort.

Will a Dryer Work if the Vent is Clogged?

Certainly, your dryer may persist in functioning even if the vent is clogged. However, the reduced ventilation imposes a substantial strain on your machine. Moreover, it leads to longer clothes drying times. Furthermore, it elevates the risk of your dryer catching fire. In fact, when your dryer must labor excessively to combat a clog, it can result in a shorter machine lifespan and sensor malfunctions. Additionally, if the sensors on your dryer malfunction, it can cause the heating element to remain on, reaching dangerous temperatures and potentially igniting the accumulated dryer lint, posing a hazardous fire threat.

How Long Will it Take for My Carpet to Dry?

significantly reduces typical drying times. With Heaven’s Best, you won’t have to wait for hours or even days for your carpet to dry. Instead, your carpet will be completely dry in just one hour.

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