Consejos sencillos para la limpieza del hogar

Home Cleaning: Best Simple Home Cleaning Tips

Simple Home Cleaning Tips Home cleaning can be a mess especially when you have to shift the location of stuff.

There are chances that you might catch infection due to dust. In case your immune system is less defensive, you got to  watch out

First off, make sure you keep food which you will need for the day of cleaning aside with a paper plate and cup aside wrapped in a polythene sheet so as to keep it dust free.

Clear a moderate amount of space that acts as buffer space for sorting stuff. Clear one place at a time, example: cupboard, sort the stuff in it on the basis of important, moderately important and trash. First, clean the cupboard with a dry cloth and then with a wet cloth. Allow the place to dry and arrange it neatly.

Keep the things you need the most at reach.T he ones you no longer use should better be put into a box and kept in a place which is out of reach so that it doesn’t disturb you.

Once you take the plunge and start cleaning you may have to confront clothes lying in your place, so make sure you keep a laundry bag in place to gather them at a single place.

Gather all your accessories and put them in a box for easy access, same goes for stationeries too.

Now it’s time for your bookshelf. .Blow the dust settled on the books and wipe them with a dry cloth and stack them whichever way you want.

Medicines: check for the expiry date of the medicine and discard the ones that are expired. Now cleanly place them in a separate box.

Glassware: glassware should be handled with care. Use a paper cloth to clean them as they are fragile apparently. Also, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while cleaning them.

Here comes everyone’s favorite part of beauty products and Cosmetics. Arrange them well; place them in different boxes so that you can reach them without trouble.

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There are a lot of things we stack up but don’t use and a few things which we don’t use anymore. Think for a while and discard things,  that will you clear a lot of clutter.

Once you are done with cleaning, make sure you clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

And there you have, a clean sweet home.

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Consejos sencillos para la limpieza del hogar

Consejos sencillos para la limpieza del hogar