Limpieza de conductos de aire comerciales: ¿por qué la necesita?
¿Por qué debería limpiar las rejillas de ventilación de mi secadora?

Why Investing in Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Is Essential 

HVAC systems need periodic maintenance. That means you need to pay attention to the air ducts. These areas attract pollutants, leading to the blockage of the airflow path. Most property owners don’t realize the adverse effects of clogged air ducts until their HVAC system breaks down. Here are a few things that can happen to your HVAC system with blocked air ducts:

• You get warm air instead of cold from your HVAC system. This means it cannot produce cold air due to the blockage in the airflow passage.

• Your HVAC system stops working. Take a pipe and blow air through it. It passes easily. Now block the pipe with crumbled paper. Try blowing again. It will not pass. HVAC systems work similarly. 

• Clogged air ducts become a breeding ground for mites, bacteria, and other pests. You wouldn’t want mites coming out of your HVAC system while cleaning.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

HVAC systems work efficiently with a clear airflow passage. The more pollutants, the more problematic it is for the HVAC system. That’s where you can hire Metro Duct Cleaning to do the messy job. We have expert cleaners who can visit your property and clean all the air ducts to make the system work smoothly again. Here are a few more reasons why hiring a commercial air duct cleaning company is beneficial for commercial properties:

1. Fewer expensive repairs

The HVAC system has a chain reaction, starting from the air duct. If the air duct has dust particles, the airflow passage gets blocked. The HVAC system feels pressured working under a clogged air duct. The excessive pressure on it puts more force on the compressor. Eventually, the entire system breaks down, leading to an expensive repair. We don’t charge a fortune for air duct cleaning. Our services are cheaper compared to the cost of repair services.

La importancia de la calidad del aire interior

2. Better heating and cooling

Imagine the HVAC system providing hot air during summer. That’s not appropriate. That means it’s time to clean the air ducts. The sole purpose of an HVAC system is to provide hot air during winter and cold air during summer and not vice versa. Don’t let the air ducts change its functioning. Allow us to clean them so that your HVAC systems don’t go haywire.

3. Energy efficiency

Clogged air ducts can lead to higher energy bills. We don’t want that to happen. Metro Duct Cleaning will ensure your HVACs don’t have an ounce of dirt left in the air ducts after our cleaners leave. This will make the units more energy-efficient. You will not have to pay sky-high energy bills every month.

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