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Nettoyage des évents de sécheuse à Atlanta

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We are a company that specializes in cleaning ducts and dryer vents in Atlanta. We have the tools and the required knowledge and training to offer you the best of services.

A lot of people suffer from various allergies. Actually, allergy is the most prevalent health problem in the US. An allergy does not transmit, but family members may share a tendency towards an allergy to some substances. So it is common for people in a house to show signs of allergy symptoms at the same time.

Allergy and Allergen – Our services to deal with them

An allergy is an organic overreaction to foreign particles that may enter our body. In other words, it is a sensitive reaction of the immune system to certain foreign substances. The particles may not cause harm to all, but an allergy sufferer sees them as a threat and starts producing antibodies. Symptoms comprise sneezing, sinus, runny nose, scratchy throat, to name a few. Meek allergies are a persistent problem but are more of a bother than a definite health threat.

But, for some people, the same reaction may also affect the lungs and air passage which leads to asthma symptoms. Asthma is an acute allergic reaction to substances that are inhaled. People with asthma suffer from wheezing and shortness of breath.

Nettoyage des bouches d'aération de la sécheuse

An allergen is a substance that triggers an allergic reaction. Tree and plant pollen is the most common allergens.  But the fact is, homes contain pollen too…

Allergens affect air quality in the homes as much as they do outside. In recent times, there is an inclination toward energy-efficient homes or homes which are well insulated and firmly sealed. Due to this, homes are actually holding more allergens, leading to bad air quality indoors. So staying indoors may not actually be the solution for the people who suffer from allergies.

If you are receptive to indoor allergens, you are possibly battling your symptoms with medications. You may get some relief, but they only address the symptoms. The cause is not taken care of. So you will go on having these symptoms as long as you are open to the allergens that trigger allergy symptoms. So the best way to address the issue is to drive away the allergens from your home.

Like all household appliances, dryer vents also need cleaning to function efficiently. Over a period of time, lint can build up in the vents. In areas that experience seasonal change,  dryer vents get accumulated with dirt, dust, and water. If you fail to clean up your dryer vents regularly, it may give rise to a house fire. According to a  U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency statistic,  about 28% of residential dryer fires are caused due to fiber, lint, and dust.

A professional clean-up of your home and surroundings is the first step to keep a check on respiratory problems. We, METRO DUCT CLEANING SERVICES IN ATLANTA, provide services for cleaning ducts in a systematic and professional manner and help in keeping a check on your respiratory issues.

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Dryer Vents and the need for dryer vent  cleaning

On an average, approximately  2,900 dryer fires are reported every year in the US, thus costing homeowners almost a loss of 35 million dollars in property. And, dryer fires are the major cause of nearly 100 injuries and five deaths every year in the US. Sadly, a lot of these hazards could have been avoided. The major cause of dryer fires each year is igniting of the lint in the dryer vents.

A toxic gas called the carbon monoxide is produced by the gas dryers. It is hard to sense as it is tasteless, odorless and colorless as well. In general, carbon monoxide is escaped out of your home through the dryer ventilation system. But, if there is a jam in the dryer vent, carbon monoxide gas could leak into the home. You and your family can be at serious risk of illness or maybe even death!

The U.S. Fire Administration has reported that every year over 2,900 home fires are caused by clothes dryers, and the major cause is an accumulation of lint. Loads of laundry that pass through your washing machine and make its way to the dryer will have lint.  The administration has recommended that homeowners must get their dryer vents cleaned at least once in a year to avoid risks of fire and gas leaks.

You may notice some signs which indicate that the dryer vent is blocked and need cleaning. They are:

  • Clothes do not dry properly
  • A stale odor in the clothes
  • Clothes get hot unusually after a drying cycle
  • Debris can be noticed near the opening of the dryer vent
  • Longer drying time
  • Excessive heat in the dryer room

Our services

Our technicians use proper brushes and tubes and take extra care to clean the bends in the venting pipe as lint can build up in these areas quickly.

Keep your dryer vent clean to improve energy efficiency, dry the clothes quickly and to cut down costs of utility. A dryer vent plays a major role in ensuring that the appliance works efficiently and if it is clogged, a hazard is for sure. We do professional dryer vent cleaning which can remove the accumulated lint in the vent and safeguard your family from a possible fire.

When the dryer vent system cannot drain well, it gets overheated and can be a threat to your safety. So don’t let your dryer be the cause of a fire! Call us for professional services and get it cleaned properly!

Cleaning the dryer vent by yourself is not a good idea: Dryer vents and other components have pointed edges, can be long, and could have sharp bends. You have a risk of getting injured. It requires special tools and training.  Call us and put your mind at ease!

Inappropriate installation during construction can lead to long-standing problems: Many a time, dryer vents are improperly installed by subcontractors who want to get the job done quickly.  It can cause a  bad connection which will lead to a  number of problems in the future. We ensure to see the problems in the construction as well.


Bad construction could be serious: Lint and tiny debris can pass the dryer lint screen and into the vent, and builds up considerably as months go by. If the dryer vent is inappropriately constructed, problems are bound to enhance.. This is one more reason to call us!

Dryer lint indication: Don does not ignore if the dryer vent lint detection lights up. Take immediate care to avoid a fire. Call us immediately for remedy and leave the rest to us.

Mark it on your calendar: Keeping your family and yourself safe is definitely the top priority. Make it a habit to mark a date on your calendar to get your dryer cleaned and avoid a hazard.

Additionally, a professional cleaning of dryer vent would lower your utility bills because the dryer would be performing efficiently. Due to excess of lint, the dryer would have to use more energy to dry your clothes and thus there would be increased utility bills. There is also the chance of the dryer breaking down. Contact us for increased lifespan of your dryer.

Dryer vent cleaning service is advised if the dryer takes more than the average time of 40 minutes to dry your clothing.

For us, customer safety is the topmost priority, not to forget customer satisfaction and energy efficiency!

Hire our professional technicians and live with a peace of mind!

We ensure quality services and see to it that the customer concerns are addressed till they are resolved!

So call us today for an appointment and protect your home!!

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