Ar limpo e mais saudável para o seu local de trabalho
A importância da qualidade do ar interior

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Clean Air Healthier For Your Workplace Air pollution, today, is a global issue. The entire world is facing the ill effects that air pollution causes. You shouldn’t be shocked if I tell you that not only the world outside your window is affected with air pollution but the air you breathe bounded in the protective walls of your house, your office or even your children’s school is not pure.

According to a survey about 90% of the Americans spend most of their time indoor. This could be their house, office or other indoor work spaces. Pollutants are found everywhere, even in your house. You may not know the number of pollutants (in air) you expose yourself in the two minutes you spend reading this article. This sounds a bit serifs, right? But the matter is actually more serious than you think it is.

The impurities found in workspaces are usually the same you might find in your home, but often in different concentrations. This could be determined by various factors like location, cleanliness etc. It’s a typical Monday afternoon in your office and you feel lethargic—again. Who do you find faulty? The boring lunch you ate, a poor sleep, your irritating neighbor or the CO2 levels in your office? It actually is unreasonable, right? And a tad exaggerated to blame air quality for your lack of attention.

In fact, according to Dr. Joseph Allen, an assistant professor, researcher and lead author of a Harvard study that proved that the air we breathe in the office has a deep and profound impact on our ability to work well.

The study, published in October of 2015 in Environmental Health Perspectives, looked at employees’ performance in conventional, green and “green+” offices. For six full work days, 24 employees carried out their normal job activities in a replicated office environment in a lab in Syracuse, New York. On different days, they were exposed to varying levels of ventilation, chemicals and carbon dioxide, then tested on their ability to make decisions, complete goals, strategize in an emergency and so forth.

On the green+ days (when they circulated even more fresh outside air), scores were on average 101% higher. This showed the mind-blowing effect on the employees. Various abilities like the response to crises, strategy and information usage was found to increase by 131%, 288% and 299% respectively.

This concludes the importance of clean air for healthier workspace.

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Ar limpo e mais saudável para o seu local de trabalho

Ar limpo e mais saudável para o seu local de trabalho