La importancia de la calidad del aire interior

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The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality The quality of indoor air is vital for god health. This is especially due to the fact that an average person spends a considerable amount of time indoors. Poor quality indoor air can have some rather significant negative impacts on a person’s health. The chemicals and gases that are released by the appliances and substances around the home can result in fatigue, allergies or even headaches. There are other pollutants that can even cause long term illnesses or serious conditions like cancer. It is thus critical to take every possible step to ensure the quality of indoor air. The following are some of the benefits of good quality indoor air.

Elimination of Allergens

Good quality indoor air is essential as it helps in the elimination of air borne allergens. These allergens usually cause allergic reactions that may result in eye irritation, coughing, sneezing and congestion of the respiratory tract. The most common allergens that you are likely to find indoors include animal dander, dust mites, insect debris and pollen. A system that enhances indoor air quality assists in removing these substances, leaving the air free of allergens.

Better Moisture Control

Another notable importance of indoor air quality is the fact that it assists in improving moisture control. Moisture control is important in suppressing the growth and development of organisms such as bacteria and mold. It may also be effective in boosting the comfort levels of a home. While dampness supports the development of unwanted organisms, when the indoor air is too dry, nosebleeds and skin irritation is likely to result. The ideal humidity of the indoor air lies between 45% and 55%. With good quality indoor air, keeping the humidity within this range is achievable.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Good quality indoor air is essential whether one is asleep or awake since the rate of breathing changes all through the cycle of sleep. The typical sleep cycle can be interrupted by reduced percentage of oxygen or the presence of organic compounds in the air. This compromises the quality of sleep considerably. With good quality indoor air however, the changes in the rates of breathing is properly compensated for, giving room for better quality sleep.

Better Quality Breathing

The quality of indoor air affects the quality of breathing directly. When the quality of indoor air is good, the body’s supply of oxygen is kept at optimum levels. The respiratory tract is also not affected by allergens, a fact that makes it easier for a person to breathe. As a result, minimal strain is put on the heart, lungs and the entire body. Enhanced breathing is important for a number of reasons. For starters, better breathing makes a person more energetic since oxygen is used in the process of energy production. Better breathing also protects the body against a plethora respiratory disease.

Maintaining the quality of indoor air is key to maintaining good health, boosting energy production and keeping the home generally comfortable. It goes a long way in preventing various diseases and allergic reactions.

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La importancia de la calidad del aire interior

La importancia de la calidad del aire interior